Fo(u)r ADHD Problems, One App

💭 Too Many Thoughts

Our ADHD minds are constantly flooded with new thoughts and ideas. Float Note has a unique task capture mechanism built in that appears every time you open the app, allowing you to capture your thoughts right away without having to worry about organizing them immediately. You can do your task management later, at your own convenience.

✍️ Trouble Organizing

Once we're able to capture our many thoughts and ideas throughout the day, problem 2 arises. How do we organize that big pile of potential greatness we just recorded? Inbox Wizard to the rescue. We created a unique wizard tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently sort and organize all your new tasks into spaces, projects and todo lists. Organizing your life, tasks, and ideas has never been faster.

😰 Feeling Overwhelmed

Once we have everything structured and organized, we realize how much work it is going to take. We become paralyzed; so much to do, so little time. We spend what little time we have doing nothing, and with a little luck we get caught up in one of our weekly episodes of task paralysis. But no more! Skuddy 2.0, our most advanced AI planning tool, has you covered. It determines your most important tasks based on the selection of spaces and todos you tell it to work on.

🧘 Staying Focused

And last but not least. Once we get going, it's hard to stay focused unless we're able to put ourselves in a state of hyperfocus. Fear no more restless child, our Pomodoro Timer with Productive Breaks (Choredoros) makes staying focused fun and easy! Including background sounds, shiny indicators and the innovative concept of "Choredoros".

Bonus Tools

Additional features to support your productivity. Smart prioritization with Priority Poker, effortless time tracking, and powerful search capabilities.

Priority Poker


Time Tracking


Deep Search


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